A New Venture

Confession y’all. I’ve wanted to start a blog for years. I kept toying with the idea, but ultimately decided it wasn’t for me/wasn’t the right time/etc. Basically, I’ve been a chicken. Remember the first day of school when you headed into the lunch room with none of your “people”?. You would sheepishly look around, silently cursing the administration for not assigning you the correct lunch period, hoping to see someone (anyone!) you could sit with while simultaneously trying to keep moving so it wasn’t obvious. You know, we’ve all been there; the fear of social rejection. The epitome of rejection, to be honest. We all want to be socially accepted, and when we feel acceptance, we feel like we can’t fail in life. I’m not talking about being “popular”. I’m just saying, people accepting you (and your ideas) and showing genuine interest in you. Whether your interests are cooking, sports or Star Wars, you just want to find your people…right?

So there, I said it. I was afraid of rejection. Will people care what I have to say? Will people hate my recipe ideas? Will they make fun of my pictures? Well, that’s all in the past. I’ve decided that 2016 is about putting it all out there. So, welcome to my blog friends. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, I may have flashbacks to my braces-clad, purposely mismatched 13 year old self, trying to find a soul in the cafeteria to sit with. But, in 7th grade, I found my people and I was fine. So….I’ll be fine.

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