Penne with arugula pesto, sausage, mushrooms and spinach


That’s a mouthful!  But I couldn’t think of a title without mentioning (most of) the yummy ingredients.  This dish was so easy (30 minutes) and seriously good.  It’s one of those dishes that taste just as good the next day for lunch – which are always my favorites!

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Minestrone Soup


I don’t like Minestrone soup.  Or at least I used to think I didn’t like it.  Reality is I had only ever had it out of a can.  First time I tried it homemade, I was hooked.  It was full of veggies and flavor and didn’t even compare to the canned version.  I’ve come to this conclusion- any kind of homemade soup is good!  Stop buying cans – start making soup!  Now – just do it ok?

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Proscuitto wrapped Swordfish


This dish is every bit as decadent as it sounds.  It’s definitely something you make as a treat, although it’s not so time consuming that you can’t make it on a weeknight!

You can wrap the swordfish in any kind of cured meat and get the same result.  A really moist, flavorful piece of fish!

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Pork Larb


Pork Larb….sounds so…appetizing doesn’t it?  I promise, this is one tasty (and easy!) recipe.  Pork larb is a Thai meat salad.  It’s not quite what you picture in a salad (there’s not a single shred of lettuce), but the idea is similiar.  There’s some specks of green and red in there, so you know…salad.

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Fish Tacos

It’s been feeling like spring for awhile here in south Texas…but let’s be honest it’s pretty much felt like spring all winter long 🙂 Still…when March hits I start getting that itch to sit outside, drink a beer and eat fish tacos.  Anyone else?  Anyone?

I made these this week and I can honestly say they were better than any fish tacos I’ve had out before…so there will be a lot of deck sitting, beer drinking, fish taco eating time in my future!

fish taco picture

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