Preventing a sunburn naturally


sunburn pic

Confession y’all.  I have gotten wayyy too many sunburns in my life.  I even have a sweet farmers tan going on in this picture (the result of a long day of yard work in Texas in November – who thinks of sunblock in November?!).  As a kid, my mom didn’t really believe in sunblock – I grew up in a time when lathering yourself with baby oil was actually cool!  We lived on solarcaine spray (does that stuff still exist?).  It provided some relief but didn’t actually prevent the burn from happening.  Now that it’s 2016 and I’m adulting (most days), I’m a lot smarter about sun protection.  And since summer is unofficially in full swing, it’s time to talk about preventing sunburns.   Ideally, you never have a sunburn, since you’re so with it with sun protection like me.  You’re covered up, using SPF and only going out in the mornings and evenings, right?  Mmmm hmmmm….

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