Ground beef chili with beans

Chili…because it’s feeling like fall…most places anyway right?  I’m going to just pretend it feels like fall here in South Texas.  Because it’s November, and I want to be in sweatpants and chili mode all weekend.  Like literally all weekend.  Don’t try and get me to get dressed and leave the house or do basically anything else.  There’s no reason we can’t make that happen  (excuse the 80 degree temps outside).


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Michelada; a beer based cocktail

Michelada?  What’s a michelada you ask?  Well, a michelada is a Mexican style beer-based cocktail.   Something about the summer screams beer…amiright?  But, when you don’t exactly love beer, that’s a problem.  So, whether you’re a beer lover or a beer hater, this drink is exactly what you want in the summer – refreshing and not too heavy.michelada

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Fish Tacos

It’s been feeling like spring for awhile here in south Texas…but let’s be honest it’s pretty much felt like spring all winter long 🙂 Still…when March hits I start getting that itch to sit outside, drink a beer and eat fish tacos.  Anyone else?  Anyone?

I made these this week and I can honestly say they were better than any fish tacos I’ve had out before…so there will be a lot of deck sitting, beer drinking, fish taco eating time in my future!

fish taco picture

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